My name is Jess! I’m a California native with a HUGE passion for travel, and I try to do as much of it as I can while also working a busy, full-time job!

I love planning trips around the world. Many of my trips involve wine tasting at any of the number of world-class wine regions and underrated wine regions around the world.

But, I’m also not just one dimensional! I also love going on adventures, from snowshoeing to road trips around the United States. I love traveling to islands. I love visiting historical towns. Throughout this website you will find helpful guides on all of these types of trips!

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I am a medical student in the midwest with a HUGE passion for travel and wine tasting. I have had to find ways over the years to make planning travel as streamlined as possible!

My passion for wine has expanded into a dream to travel to all of the major (and lesser known) wine destinations around the world!

Although many of my trips do involve wine tourism, I also love to explore cities, hike, and relax on the beach.

As someone with a full-time job, I understand the constraints that work may put on your time for travel. I created this website to inspire you to continue traveling to experience despite a busy work life balance.

My hope is that my travel guides will streamline your travel planning so there is more time to relax and enjoy your trip!


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